' I saw promises I did not keep,

Pains I did not sooth,

Wounds I did not heal,

Tears I did not shed,

I saw deaths I did not mourn,

Prayers I did not answer,

Doors I did not open,

Doors I did not close,

Lovers I left behind,

And dreams I did not live.

I saw all that was offered to me,

that I could not accept.

I saw the letters I wished for,

but never received.

I saw all that could have been,

but never will be. '

'Ashes and Snow'

To those who actually believe that we have evolved as a society, I say that you are either willfully blind or ignorant. While we may have evolved in many respects, the progress is actually little more than a perception.

The reality is that we are severely regressing as a species and we show no signs of slowing down. 

No matter our progress, no matter our advances, it can all be swept away again. Progress, like truth, must be eternal.

© 2018 Beyza Coruhlu. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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